Suns Fans Lose It After Chris Paul Mixes Up Paul Millsap

Objavljeno 9. jun. 2021
Ogledi 68 260

The Phoenix Suns crowd was rocking in Game 2 as they dominated recently named MVP Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets to take a 2-0 series lead.

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Bleacher Report
  • Americas Finest (Mark Y)

    Americas Finest (Mark Y)

    Pred 9 urami

    More band wagoners if the Suns take the title. Lol that kid hahaha. He’s a real one though.

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    Pred 21 uro

    2:26 The elder sitting behind knew the boy was charging up but could not stop him

  • JusFrenz


    Pred 2 dnevi

    the collect "oahhh" when Paul starts going between the legs is a vibe

  • Anjin Carlo Nadal

    Anjin Carlo Nadal

    Pred 4 dnevi

    I thought reggies rappin in the first seconds 00:00

  • ck


    Pred 4 dnevi

    Kevin harlin is the greatest announcer ever

  • E. Guro

    E. Guro

    Pred 5 dnevi

    0:00 - 0:07 Reggie Miller throwin some bars along with the arena music, xd



    Pred 5 dnevi

    My fave part is the lady behind him going “noo! Noo!!” while secretly loving it

  • Cody Erickson

    Cody Erickson

    Pred 6 dnevi

    0:57 Larry Legend 🙌

  • phantom 309

    phantom 309

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Good I hate the focking nuggets I hope sun's win the NBA championship game not. Fan of the nba but I like the suns

  • Myky Labao

    Myky Labao

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Jonah hill is celebrating! Haha

  • Seoul Glo

    Seoul Glo

    Pred 7 dnevi

    0:20 Paul had Millsap painting the fence like Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi!

  • Philippines Unfiltered

    Philippines Unfiltered

    Pred 7 dnevi


  • vr2k8


    Pred 7 dnevi

    CP3 against Millsap = 💀
    CP3 is a beast. The Suns right now can't be stopped. They keep playing like this they will get out of the west.

  • Amarian1x


    Pred 7 dnevi

    I'm no SUNS Fan but if they keep this up this will unbeatable but except Kawhi gets his upgrade by Bill Gates

  • J D

    J D

    Pred 7 dnevi

    Suns most exciting team in the playoffs.🔥

  • Strada X

    Strada X

    Pred 8 dnevi

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  • Devin C

    Devin C

    Pred 8 dnevi

    What a bunch of band wagons!!!!! 7 months ago the entire arena was empty!!!

  • Speedlimit William Watson

    Speedlimit William Watson

    Pred 8 dnevi

    People sayin Suns fans are CRAZY. Nah it’s bc our stadium is packed lol. It’s just been so long since we heard a packed crowd.

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

    I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

    Pred 8 dnevi

    If I was Jokic or Luka, would call the other saying we need to team up and take over the NBA.

  • Mariusz Boruta

    Mariusz Boruta

    Pred 8 dnevi

    I love my Suns .. and i love the fact that they did not talk over them and let us hear that amazing cheer ! ❤💥💥 ...and that kid should get lifetime membership indeed :)

  • Sean Long

    Sean Long

    Pred 8 dnevi

    He put Paul milsap in the spin cycle

  • A B

    A B

    Pred 8 dnevi


  • Jeff Duran

    Jeff Duran

    Pred 8 dnevi

    It’s nice to know it won’t be the Lakers Spurs or Warriors to win the west this year.

  • Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious

    Pred 8 dnevi

    0:56 Kawhi is a Suns fan.

  • SealAND SAND

    SealAND SAND

    Pred 8 dnevi

    Good to see Saric on the floor, never understood that deal for Philadelphia, two starters with great contracts and pick for 1 year rental? But then comes even more wtf, they made Horford deal and in the process of getting him off they gave up on MVP of the Euroleague this year Micic. They are JOKE. I don't know who is GM there, guy that smokes before coming to job and say " ok, how can I fuck up this team today" Jazz/Suns:Nets/Hawks, brain: Nets in long series
    ❤Jazz in 4:)

  • Taiyou


    Pred 8 dnevi

    Kid looks like he would win the MVP and COTY this year.

  • Twanxz


    Pred 8 dnevi

    You beat my lakers now go win the championship.

  • Kim J

    Kim J

    Pred 8 dnevi

    I bet you can't park right next to the arena. And those nachos have jalapeños on them now instead of pickles. :))

  • Waxa Milli89

    Waxa Milli89

    Pred 8 dnevi

    Jazz vs Suns would be EPIC

  • davester grey

    davester grey

    Pred 8 dnevi

    Chris paul drinking his secrete stuff again hahah

  • Frank Nation

    Frank Nation

    Pred 8 dnevi

    CP3 the Lord Commander of the Western Conference

  • Manu Gulati

    Manu Gulati

    Pred 8 dnevi

    It’s about that time Paul Millsap

  • Manu Gulati

    Manu Gulati

    Pred 8 dnevi

    Point Gawd

  • Manu Gulati

    Manu Gulati

    Pred 8 dnevi

    A legend is born

  • Whustle Dilantro

    Whustle Dilantro

    Pred 9 dnevi

    That kid is a young jonah hill

  • Jordan Johnson

    Jordan Johnson

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Suns fans didn’t lose it but Suns fans went loud. /

  • abo lamar

    abo lamar

    Pred 9 dnevi

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  • static1217


    Pred 9 dnevi

    I was at this game. STADIUM. WAS. ROCKING!!!!! GO SUNS!!!!

  • Capricorn


    Pred 9 dnevi

    SUNS FANS ARE THE BEST 🌞🔥🔥🔥 We deserve it after over a decade of drought👏👏👏 GO SUNS🌞🔥🔥🔥

  • Independent Hammer of Reality

    Independent Hammer of Reality

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Hey Nuggets fans, the gauntlet has been thrown by Suns fans... can you counter? LOL

  • Mike Shumsker

    Mike Shumsker

    Pred 9 dnevi

    He was definitely dribbling to the beat of the song

  • Ebune Namata

    Ebune Namata

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Chris Paul’s magic juice

  • Knockda 8

    Knockda 8

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Lit af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mr. Virgo

    Mr. Virgo

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Why does that kid with the suns hat look like jonah hill 😂

  • Matthew Horesh

    Matthew Horesh

    Pred 9 dnevi

    yo thats my freind

  • Bigron S

    Bigron S

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Jokic scratched his had and move and tapped his fingers on his head lol game over he knows it.

  • An thony

    An thony

    Pred 9 dnevi

    0:44 jamal murray face

  • gen x tech guy

    gen x tech guy

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Some sports stars / celebrities at the past couple of Suns games:
    Guy Fieri
    Larry Fitzgerald (part owner of the Suns)
    Michael Phelps
    Kyler Murray
    JJ Watt
    …. a really young Jonah Hill 😂

  • MakeDredd2


    Pred 9 dnevi

    Jonah Hill has shrunk a lot during this pandemic. 🐺 💵

  • John Davalito

    John Davalito

    Pred 9 dnevi

    The crowed went insane when he took his shirt off lol

  • abdu o

    abdu o

    Pred 9 dnevi

    where did all these celebrities' come from lmao
    i use to go to games when we were shit and sit few rows back from sideline i cant remember any one famous being here

  • Aziz Peregrino-Brimah

    Aziz Peregrino-Brimah

    Pred 9 dnevi

    That kid is a legend now!

  • Randy Vizzerra

    Randy Vizzerra

    Pred 9 dnevi

    I was in attendance for this one. BONKERS!!!

  • Edge Cage

    Edge Cage

    Pred 9 dnevi

    At 1;00 you will see the doppelganger of Jae Crowder in the crowd.

  • BeeMo


    Pred 9 dnevi

    i saw that fan luve and i was dieing

  • PJ PJ

    PJ PJ

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Im Paul Millsap and my mom is Chris Paul

  • XChronicHash


    Pred 9 dnevi

    looks like a young jonah hill

  • abdulla alkarbi

    abdulla alkarbi

    Pred 9 dnevi

    young tom thibodeau

  • Frank Forster

    Frank Forster

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Hope Phoenix stays healthy and wins it all. Tough but possible



    Pred 9 dnevi

    In 3 weeks they're going back to their graves or they going to cheer for the Nets



      Pred 8 dnevi

      @Michael Lopez im actually not but I do hate the suns because of kobe era and now lebron

    • 602ValleyBoyZ480


      Pred 9 dnevi

      🧂salt 🧂

  • Charles Schoenvogel

    Charles Schoenvogel

    Pred 9 dnevi

    1:55 a legend was made

  • AceGunTaNa


    Pred 9 dnevi

    Not even a Suns fan but much respect to this organization have the opportunity to do great things these playoffs

  • Mel D

    Mel D

    Pred 9 dnevi

    We just bought four SUNS shirts!!! Yay Suns!

  • tasos0140


    Pred 9 dnevi


  • Victor


    Pred 9 dnevi

    This is the guy that dunked on Dwight when they were both young. Look at how their careers have developed now.

  • Pure chaos

    Pure chaos

    Pred 9 dnevi

    0:56 did anyone else notice Larry Fitzgerald the living legend

    • jaee hovaa

      jaee hovaa

      Pred 9 dnevi

      He's a suns minority owner

  • LMVP Truth in Facts

    LMVP Truth in Facts

    Pred 9 dnevi


  • Herbert Molina

    Herbert Molina

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Cp3 is true MVP

  • Icewulf


    Pred 9 dnevi

    Milsap got mixed asap

  • Bryan Loke

    Bryan Loke

    Pred 9 dnevi

    The numberless wrist expectantly matter because chime cumulatively curl opposite a macho onion. lackadaisical, kaput crack

  • Dustan Sepulveda

    Dustan Sepulveda

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Milsap's trash, gets worked by CP3 and then knocks down his own guy.

  • JokersinSpades


    Pred 9 dnevi

    This is magic in action. The Suns are the story of the season, and it's ethereal to watch

  • Ave Calla

    Ave Calla

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Cp3 my guy but utah will win it all this year.

  • Chrestian Joseph Capuli

    Chrestian Joseph Capuli

    Pred 9 dnevi

    0:01 am I really this high or hmm is the commentator is soo in sync with the music.m??

  • Jamie Lawrence

    Jamie Lawrence

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Paul found a home

  • Alfred Yumul

    Alfred Yumul

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Jokic’s son is betraying his father, rooting for his opponents

    • Americas Finest (Mark Y)

      Americas Finest (Mark Y)

      Pred 9 urami




    Pred 9 dnevi

    The next Nikola Jokic in the making 🏀🌵

  • Brian Bell

    Brian Bell

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Sonics fan here, GO SUNS!!!

  • Vonvon PhayEl

    Vonvon PhayEl

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Jokic overrated, CP3 showing who’s the real MVP.

  • Vonvon PhayEl

    Vonvon PhayEl

    Pred 9 dnevi

    CP3 deserves the MVP this season for helping this suns team.

  • Darrell Timms

    Darrell Timms

    Pred 9 dnevi

    That kid is going to be a meme lol

  • Victor Salgado

    Victor Salgado

    Pred 9 dnevi

    I been telling everyone the NBA was not ready for PHOENIX ARIZONA. only us Arizonans knew what the suns where about too do 💁🥱👌

    • 602ValleyBoyZ480


      Pred 9 dnevi


  • Xaashi TV

    Xaashi TV

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Phoenix Suns fans deserve it ! It’s been way overdue ..
    Congratulations to the city of Phoenix ! 💪🏽🤞🏽

  • King Bernard

    King Bernard

    Pred 9 dnevi


  • John Reed

    John Reed

    Pred 9 dnevi

    See y’all at the Brawadis video tomorrow 😂

  • Army Pizza

    Army Pizza

    Pred 9 dnevi

    Us suns fans have been waiting for 10 years

  • Saucy G

    Saucy G

    Pred 9 dnevi

    That kid is already a fucking legend, give him season tickets!

    • TH3 PHAZE

      TH3 PHAZE

      Pred 4 dnevi

      He got reposted on Suns "TiKtOK"

    • Justin


      Pred 8 dnevi

      His dad, Nikola Jokic, will disown him after he saw this video.

    • Peter Reyes

      Peter Reyes

      Pred 8 dnevi


    • Ricky


      Pred 9 dnevi

      Let's make it happen.

  • Benjamin Kuyoro

    Benjamin Kuyoro

    Pred 9 dnevi

    A sweep

  • Ra Ward

    Ra Ward

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Chris wise & skilled 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bols Bolbol

    Bols Bolbol

    Pred 10 dnevi

    The crowd is going to be even louder when they release the audit results in a few weeks.

  • Pound Trader

    Pound Trader

    Pred 10 dnevi

    suns in 8 we going to the finals baby

    • Pound Trader

      Pound Trader

      Pred 9 dnevi

      @Relchapo King suns in 8 nigga, we sweep these fools and sweep the fools in the next round, suns in 8 nigga we going to the finals

    • Relchapo King

      Relchapo King

      Pred 9 dnevi

      Tf you mean suns in 8 fuck all dat shit Nigga suns in 4

  • Martee McFly

    Martee McFly

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Kid gone truffle shuffle....

  • Lipstick Zombie

    Lipstick Zombie

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Nikola Chonkic.😅

  • ROAM


    Pred 10 dnevi



  • surjalal khuraijam

    surjalal khuraijam

    Pred 10 dnevi

    CP3 bringing out the secret stuff again

  • Sam B.

    Sam B.

    Pred 10 dnevi


    Sun's fan:what's that

    • Abdullah Amir

      Abdullah Amir

      Pred 9 dnevi

      They All Got Vaccinated

  • Ken Morgan

    Ken Morgan

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Whomp there it is

  • T Jones (TJ)

    T Jones (TJ)

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Larry legend in the house.

    • Christian Bates

      Christian Bates

      Pred 8 dnevi

      @Eric Z just like patrick mahomes is part owner of the Kansas City royals

    • Eric Z

      Eric Z

      Pred 8 dnevi

      He's a part owner of the team

  • teammelli91


    Pred 10 dnevi

    2:17 😂

  • bearded tiger

    bearded tiger

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Suns are hot right now